Fear of Storms: Thunder Phobia

Is your dog afraid of thunder or fireworks?

There have been many thunderstorms in northern Michigan and the Fourth of July is nearly here and some dogs are afraid of them. Your dog may shake or try to hide or pace. Some dogs are destructive, especially if all alone. They may scratch at doors or windows or try to burrow under furniture.

There is a new medication Sileo® that can help reduce your dog’s signs of fear within minutes. See your veterinarian.

What else can you do to help your dog deal with his fear? There are many products that may help mildly affected dogs. First, try to eliminate the frightening stimuli by closing curtains so he can not see the lightening and play loud music to muffle the sound of the thunder. The next step is to try gadgets. There is a coat called a Thundershirt that soothes some dogs and a cage or crate cover called a Thunderhut that helps some dog by giving them a place to hide. An odor that calms dogs, DAP or Adaptil, is available as a collar or as a diffuser. It is available in pet stores or online.

If these do not help your dog, other medication and desensitization may be necessary. Please fill in and submit a history form to make an appointment for a behavior consultation.