Behavior Consultations/Evalutions

For pets experiencing behavior problems.
This in depth appointment is typically around 90 minutes.

We provide a treatment and training plan after you visit to help you modify your pets behavior.

Behavior Wellness Visits

Starting puppies or kitten on the right path.

Assisting owners in potty training, leash walking, puppy biting and more.
Kitten appropriate scratching and play.

Creating positive vet visits.

Behavior Modification and Training

Creating a new relationship with your pet.
One on one training and behavior modification visits with you and your pet.
Help manage your pets behavior concerns.

Problem Behaviors addressed:

Separation Anxiety
House Soiling
Fear Issues
Excessive Vocalization
Compulsive Behaviors
Noise Phobias
Attention Seeking
Unruly behavior
Aggression to People or Animals
Urine Marking
Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (“Alzheimer’s”)
Inappropriate Scratching by Cats
Select Behavioral Problems in Horses


Providing behavioral services throughout the state of Michigan. We provide on-site services as well as clinic visits at the following locations:

Southfield, Michigan

Macomb, Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grayling, Michigan